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Sprint Task force

On Friday January 12, 2023, the ULA Counseling Center was excited to participate in a meeting held by the Youth Mental Health Workforce Development Sprint Task Force. The purpose of the Task Force is to bring together stakeholders and leaders in the mental health community who will help tackle the workforce shortage of mental health providers across a variety of care settings.

The meeting focused on the following 6 strategies:

  • Equitable pay for behavioral health providers

  • Loan forgiveness

  • Professional capacity building

  • Interstate licensure simplification

  • Diversity and equity

  • Integrated behavioral healthcare

The task force aims to create a report based on these strategies including recommendations for action, specific to workforce interventions and including potential state and federal funding sources; and an advocacy agenda for presentation to state and federal policymakers that will support the workforce interventions and public policy changes that would result in better access to care.

Click Here for more information.

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